Exercise: Focus at different apertures

by Suzy Walker-Toye

This is the second focus exercise (p30 for those that care). This demonstartes depth of field (DOF) for different apertures. I actually took a whole bunch of images through the whole aperture range but the exercise is just for minimum, mid-point and largest aperture so that is what I’m showing here. While we’re on the subject I found that the wiki had a rather interesting page on f-stops.  So the exercise calls for a line of something and while these little guys are waiting to be executed they made my focus exercise a lot more fun.

Here they are at f3 and I’ve focused on the short man in the centre in the red top. The focus point is actually on the arm he has up nearest the camera so you can see the DOF covers pretty much only him and orange jumpsuit man.

Here they are at f11. You can see the focus makes it back almost as far as the punk dude and that the two guys at the start of the line up are a lot more in focus that photo 1 above.

Here they are at a whooping great f32 and as you can see they are all pretty much in focus now.

And here they are about to be executed. As you can see I used the depth of field to intentionally blur out the executees so that the executioner would stand out from the photo to give it the impact I was going for. This was taken at f8

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