Part one exercise recap

by Suzy Walker-Toye

So looking back what have we learned in part one: the frame?

We looked at the different effects of zooming & shooting at different focal lengths. We played with depth of field (DOF) and it’s effect of emphasising a subject put from the background.
We covered a couple of ways to show a sense of movement. We explored what sorts of subjects work well in vertical or horizontal format. We touched on compositional guidelines and learnt some cool features of the cropping tool in LR.

We looked at position of subject in the frame and balance in photographs. How you can affect the tension in the image by playing with that balance. We looked at how your choice of horizon position within the frame would affect the image.

We analysed how your approach to a subject can yield photographs you weren’t expecting when you first started your approach, essentially an exercise on ‘seeing’.

Basically we demonstrated that there are a heck of a lot of choices that we make before pressing the shutter that deeply impact the resulting photograph, it’s not just about what we shoot it’s how we shoot it.

And, I started reading a bunch of really interesting books. I’ll post more on those as I finish them though.

Looking back over the new photographs I generated for and from the exercises, these are my top 5 photos so far.

Next up is the end of chapter assignment (for those that remember Nintendo platform games this would be the big boss at the end of the level). This assignment we have to print out, present and send to our tutors for official marking. I already know what I’m going to do for it but I’ll present it to you over the next few posts.

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