Assignment 5: Applying the techniques of illustration and narrative

by Suzy Walker-Toye

In this final assignment we were bade to imagine that we were illustrating a story for a magazine. We had to create a worth cover (much like the rain exercise), and several pages of a narrative article (or series of images with captions as a photo story). This means that the story can unfold over multiple images rather than a single one shot story as a usual stand alone image is designed to be. We were reminded that some of the photos would be seen together on the same pair of pages (double page spreads).

My pdf submission here, was designed to act as one of those little A5 pullouts you get inside the middle of a larger magazine. A whole little story, self contained. All about a trip to Dive 2013, one of the largest dive shows in the UK. I made the PDF here landscape when viewed online (so you would get the effect of the double page spreads).

Online version:
Assignment5 Dive Show PDF

When it came to printing, I needed to make sure a double sided printer would print things correctly for the little booklet to be arranged (as if to be stapled into a larger magazine). This PDF below is the rearrange so you can see what I mean.

Assignment5 Dive Show Print Arrangement PDF

In my learning log, I have gone though each page and image choice in detail so I wont repeat that all here.

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