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March 28, 2014

Imaginative Fashion Photography Workshop

by Suzy Walker-Toye


Last weekend I caught a couple of days of the Miss Aniela – Imaginative Fashion Photography workshop on creative live. I like to see her finished work on Facebook or flickr so this chance to see behind the scenes was fascinating.

It was a 3 day course in which the Miss Aniela team did two fashion shoots live online and walked you through the process from beginning to end. The first, the lowfi shoot, was with modest equipment, lighting and model, the other, the hifi shoot, was an all-out experience with a whole production team collaborating. I found it really interesting the amount of creative input the other members of the team have after the initial idea of a shoot has been posited.

Miss Aniela comes in with mood-boards (more about these later) and the ideas for the shoot evolve from the location, the design of the dress, the direction of the hair & make up and the backstory that everyone on the shoot has in mind. After the shoot Miss Aniela takes the photos into photoshop and decides what artistic direction to take them in that fits in with the original photo (whether simple post process of the look & tone of the image or an all out surrealistic do over). She often pulls in other photos of objects & locations she’s photographed at other times (such as the sea in the above promo image), she sometimes brings in parts from old paintings (after checking that the they are old enough for the copyright to have expired of course).

She also talks about inspiration and where we take inspiration from. This is an iPhone screen grab of one of her slides from this segment where she just lists out some of hers:


Its interesting to note how most of those are not other photographers but actually outside the photography discipline altogether. I think it might be an interesting exercise to have a think about what mine would be when paired right down to a list like that.

In the same segment she goes onto to introduce the concepts of mood boards as the “physical version of the papier mache of inspirations”. They can give us a clearer view of the direction we might want to take a particular project is. I think this is what many creative people use pinterest for. This is another screen grab where images on the left are the mood board and images on the right are the resulting images from Miss Aniela.


Moodbaords essentially help you communicate with others your intentions of the shoot and make everyone aware of the inspirations. Also, when combined with the pitch document you might par pare for a client they help keep your aims real & motivated.

Overal I found this course interesting & inspiring. You can of course buy the download version if it here.

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