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August 1, 2013

Assignment 3: Colour

by Suzy Walker-Toye

This assignment is to demonstrate combinations of colours to show deliberate relationships of harmony & contrast. The assignment is broken down into four types of relationship which I have put as headings above each section of photographs. We were asked to vary the subject matter by ‘finding’ situations where the colour relationship already exists and also ‘setting up’ situations to manufacture the relationship. I wanted an overall look to my assignment despite having to both find and set up the colours so I choose flowers as my overall subject to give the assignment a bit of coherence, sometimes I could find the colours within the flowers and their natural surroundings and sometimes I set up the backdrop by holding a coloured card behind them. So without further ado…

Complimentary colours
These are colours which face each other across the colour wheel (of primary and secondary colours). Click into see the images bigger and read the descriptions to see if I set up the colours or found them.

Similar colours
These are warm and cool colours which are next to each other on the colour wheel.

Contrasting colours
These are colours which contrast strongly and are spaced about a third of the way around the wheel from each other.

Colour Accents
These are images where a small splash of colour sits against a much larger area of another colour as a spot or accent of colour.

April 4, 2013

Colours in my existing work

by Suzy Walker-Toye

Its April and its snowing in London. I’m doing this chapter at the wrong time of the year really, its depressing and uninspiring and making me question whether I should even be doing a degree course at all. London around the areas I spend much of my time is a very grey place unless the sun & blue sky make an appearance, even then its pretty grey. I’m finding its very uninspiring for taking “found” (ie not set up) colourful photos. Since my assignment is probably doomed to failure I thought I’d cheer myself up by proving to myself (and you) that I could demonstrate good use of colour in photography of found scenes…

Complementary Colours  are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel.
eg: Yellow & Violet, Blue & Orange and Red & Green

Similar colours are colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.
eg: Yellow & Orange, Red & Orange, Blue & Green and Blue & Violet

Contrasting colours are colours that are in-between the complimentary colours and the similar colours on the colour wheel. These are probably the colour combinations I’m most attracted too.
eg: Blue & Red, Orange & Violet, Yellow & Red, Green & Orange, Violet & Green and Blue & Yellow

Use of colour as an accent…

And for my tutor who thinks I shouldn’t do underwater work at this stage of the course (another depressing thought considering there are three whole chapters and two more modules left at this level, yawn) here are some colourful topside photos…

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